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Maja Sidzińska


Peer-reviewed publications

Book review

Public philosophy

Under review

  • Under contract. Pregnancy in the History of Philosophy, co-edited with Myrna Gabbe and Evangelian Collings. Palgrave Macmillan.

  • Forthcoming. “Émilie du Châtelet’s Mathematical Fictionalism.” New Voices on Women in the History of Philosophy, ed. Clara Carus (Women in the History of Philosophy and Sciences series, ed. Ruth Hagengruber. Dordrecht: Springer).



  • Paper proposing a methodology for aspects of reproductive science [title redacted for anonymity]. Synthese.

  • Paper about diagrams in biological texts and research [title redacted for anonymity]. Philosophy, Theory, and Practice in Biology. With Jacqueline Wallis and Kate Nicole Hoffman.

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