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Maja Sidzińska


My approach to teaching is student-centered, dialectical, and focused on the value of good questions. Whenever possible, I ask for student input on course content as well as structure, and I aim to create situations in which students drive philosophical discussion. My reading lists usually present arguments that address earlier, opposing arguments, to model the iterative way philosophical inquiry proceeds. I focus on modeling the skills that can be used to decide philosophical questions, rather than on providing answers. I often ask students to themselves construct interesting and relevant questions about philosophical texts and positions, and ask them to justify their choices. 

University of Pennsylvania


           Philosophy of Science (Fall 2023)

           Bioethics (Summer 2023)

Teaching Associate: 

           Philosophy of Science (Fall 2024)  

           Social Contract (Fall 2020; Spring 2022) 

           History of Modern Philosophy (Spring 2021) 

           Bioethics (Fall 2021)

Mills College

Assistant Adjunct Professor: 

           Ethics (Spring 2019)

San Francisco State University


            Feminist Moral Issues (Spring 2019)

            Ethics (Fall 2018)

Graduate Instructor: 

            Introduction to Critical Thinking (Fall 2015; Summer 2017) 

Teaching Assistant:

            Metaphysics (Fall 2017) 

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