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Maja Sidzińska

I'm a PhD candidate at the University of Pennsylvania (Philosophy) and I work primarily in the area of contemporary and historical metaphysics of science. My dissertation work concerns different ontological understandings of pregnancy and its upshots for discussions of biological individuality, and it concerns the kinds of metaphilosophical frameworks within which such questions are best understood. I have interests in metaphysics and philosophy of science, their history, as well as in the philosophy of biology, feminist philosophy, and political/economic philosophy, and in metaphilosophical positions that arise as a result of commitments in these areas.

I am currently working on a project exploring questions of methodology for the metaphysics of science, as well as on social reproduction theory. 


I recently helped organize a conference on the history of the philosophy of pregnancy. I am a founder of Philosophy in the Wild


I was formerly a lecturer at San Francisco State University and at Mills College. I am also a former Managing Editor for Hypatia Reviews Online

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