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Maja Sidzińska

I'm a PhD candidate at the University of Pennsylvania (Philosophy) and I study the ontological assumptions implicit in areas of metaphysics, science, and bioethics. My dissertation concerns different ontological understandings of pregnancy and its upshots for questions about personal identity, biological individuality, and biomedical decision-making. I am also concerned with methodology and with the metaphilosophical frameworks that are available for understanding pregnancy among other reproductive phenomena.


I recently helped organize a conference on the history of the philosophy of pregnancy, and will co-edit a volume based on the proceeds. I am the editor of the Pregnancy and Birth categories in PhilPapers. And I am a founder of Philosophy in the Wild


I was formerly a lecturer at San Francisco State University and at Mills College. I am also a former Managing Editor for Hypatia Reviews Online

You can read more about my work here!

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